Saturday, July 07, 2007

DJ Fu - Hit & Run Vol 1

Click on the link below to download this exclusive mix

DJ Fu - Hit & Run mix -->

smack my bitch up - subfocus rmx
trippin - gridlok rmx
siren - spirit
newboy - nu tone
food - gridlok
blue orchid - high contrast rmx
plastic soul - shy fx
loveinsane - craggz and parallel forces
the future - dj samurai
it's ok - the kox
lost in music - jenna g
another place - pacific
redemption - keaton / verse
malice - shimon
slam - pendulum
rapture - sparfunk
killing floors - unknown error
light cycle - task horizon
violence sound - keaton hive echo gridlok
combat - unknown error
8 ball - adam f
duppy man - chase & status
scarecrow - dj fu x2 rmx

This is a really good mix with a bit of turntablism included.
DJ Fu is an up-n-comer that I'll definitely be following.
He's doing a project w Jungle Drummer which should be really good.
You can find a link for that on his MySpace page.

Friday, July 06, 2007

K Mag 91

JULY 2007
It’s official, we’ve gone green. With all the talk of reducing carbon footprints and the like, we thought it high time we got involved. So what, you may ask, are we doing to fight global warming? Well we’ve named the new issue of K Mag, now available to buy online from or in all good newsagents and record shops, The Green Issue. And that’s what we’re doing. So there.

This month’s cover stars, Calyx and Teebee have individually been at the forefront of the d&b scene for over ten years. Uniting South London and Norway in an unlikely combination we get the lowdown on the eve of the release of their stunning ‘Anatomy’ album.

German distribution heavyweights Groove Attack have very kindly offered up this month’s free cover CD showcasing the finest producers from the continent. Hospital Records German representative Syncopix takes us through his 60 minute mix.

Continuing the European theme, Vienna’s finest D.Kay tells us about his brand new jazz influenced ‘Individual Soul’ album, which was the result of a personal journey of musical discovery.

The original live drum & bass band EZ Rollers are back out on road promoting their fourth artist album ‘Conductor’. K Mag catches up with the crew to get the secrets of life on tour.

New husband, new father and now producer of a sparkling album, we hook up with the Fast Soul Music man Nu Tone to find out why his life has been turned upside down, for the better.

Elsewhere this month, we have a moan with MC Wrec, catch up with Code from Subtle Audio, cross the pond to chat with Atlantic Connection, talk hip hop with Shameless, get grimy with Wiley, hook up with breaks pioneers Skool Of Thought and Soul Of Man, get arty with Matt Robinson plus a whole load of other stuff as well. We also have all the latest games, books, websites, news, fashion, cool shit, DJ equipment, clubs plus we review the latest movies and DVD’s to keep y’all happy for another month.

1 Deep Inc/ Black Jaguar/ Codex
2 Deep Inc / The Punisher/ Codex
3 Submorphics/ Revisions/ Saphir
4 Young Ax/ Higher Ground/ Santorin
5 Steluce/ Run Away/ Souksurfin
6 Steluce Feat Mr. Mento/ Dancehall Twist/ Soulsorfin 7. Rogue Soul/ Everybody's doing it/ Dub
8 Chino/ Jade Sunrise/ Blu Saphir
9 Donnie Dubson/ Rolling Home/ have a break 10 Dub Tao/ Zero Gravity/ / have a break
11 Context/ Sleep Paralysis/ Camino Blue
12 Dan Marshall/ Crazy/ Bios
13 Bassface Sascha/ Take Over/ Beatalistics
14 J Frequency/ Hardcore Style/ Wicked Vibez
15 Loxy & Amaning/ 25th Hour/ Beatalistics
16 Insecticide/ Physical World/ Trust in Music
17 TGM/ Damn Wire/ Basswerks
18 Nphect & Dizplay/ White Russian/ Basswerk
19 Syncopix/ Dos or die/ Syncop[ix
20 Syncopix/ BTM/ Syncopix
21 Simon V/ Heat Surge/ Santorin
22 Scary / Jam/ Trust in music
23 Syncopix/ Angel Dust/ Dub
24. Future Engineers/ night trails/ Camino blue

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

K Mag 90

June 2007

Summer days are fast approaching so here’s the lowdown on the latest issue of Kmag The Red issue now available to buy online at or in all good newsagents and record shops…
His beats are so advanced that they make rookie producers want to give up, his record sales continue to confound the ‘vinyl is dead’ doomsayers, and with a live act that’s currently touring the world – TC is just irresistable in Drun & Bass right now. Plus to top it all of, the Bristol maestro’s got a new album coming out called “Evolution’.

You have TOV Music Group to thank for the CD glued to the front of the mag this month. Isn’t that nice? Kmag goes underground to find out what’s hot in the world of TOV’s flagship label Renegade Hardware in 2007.

They say good things come to those who wait and for J Majik and Wickaman, that statement couldn’t be any truer. Three years on from the when the idea was first mooted, their new album, ‘Crazy World’, is set to hit the streets this summer and Hertfordshire’s finest cannot wait to see people’s reactions to the culmination of all their hard work.

Ask someone outside the scene to name a D&B Dj and the likelihood is they will say Nicky Blackmarket. Since the early ‘90s, seeing that trademark torch in the mouth has been a guarantee that you are going t dance till you drop. Kmag caught up with the man himself to find out the secret of his longevity…

Kmag spends some time with the man they call Suv to find out about his new album in collaboration with Don-E, ‘Rhythm & Bass’, his new life in Spain and a whole load more.

As their third album, ‘Endangered Species’, gets ready to drop, Kmag picks the brain of Holland’s biggest D&B export Black Sun Empire.

Often flying under the radar, Kmag scopes out the flights of fancy from Bath-born Danny Byrd. We talk soul, sequencers and shenanigans.

We delve behind the scenes at some of the tireless labels that keep feeding you beats – Sudden Def and Gain/ G2 get put in the spotlight.

We also talk beatboxing with Shlomo, step into the murky arts of Khoma, as well as linking up with DJ Vadim, Ctrl Z and Mijatoho plus a host of others. If that isn’t enough then we also have all the latest games, books, websites, news, fashion, cool shit, DJ equipment, clubs, plus all we review the movies and DVD's to keep your inquisitive minds at bay for another month.


  1. Demo- The Cell- Barcdode
  2. Vicious Circle – AmityVille- Renegade Hardware
  3. Counterstrike & Magna Karta- Interface- Barcode
  4. Vicious Circle- Welcomer To Shanktown- Renegade Hardare
  5. EBK- Scatter- Renegade Hardware
  6. Absolute & Subphonics- The Code- Renegade Hardware
  7. Vicious Circle & Universal Project- Workout- Renegade Hardware
  8. Phobia – Slimer- Renegade Recordings
  9. Sardi vs Badrobot & Muller- People Mover- Renegade Recs
  10. Loxy & Matt U- Jumanji- Renegade recs
  11. Icicle & Nympho- Hand rolled- Renegade recs
  12. Sabre- Ellite- Renedage recs
  13. Spectrasoul- Panormaic- Renegade recs
  14. Loxy & Munk- Freedom- Renegade recs
  15. Spirit- Scrabble- Renegade rec
  16. Total Science- Street Level- Renegade Hardware
  17. M.O.B feat Verb & Manifest- Blueprint- Renegade Hardware
  18. TZA- fuct- barcode
  19. Capone- Welcome to the bassline- Renegade hardware

Monday, April 02, 2007

K Mag 89

May 2007
It’s spring time and the sun is starting to shine so here’s the lowdown on the latest issue of Kmag (K89), now available to buy online at or in all good newsagents and record shops…
Who could have forseen that the pairing of Matrix & Futurebound would equate to D&Bs hottest double-act? We sit down to slice and dice their new album, ‘Universal Truth.’

Being a DJ, producer, label boss and promoter is all in a days work for this former builder. Now the bricks and mortar have been replaced by inflicting his sound on bassbins across the globe. Welcome to Dylan’s world.

Klute and the 9-5 are not well acquainted. He’s barely had a normal day job his entire life the lucky sod. As his fifth album ‘The Emporer’s New Clothes’ hits shelves, he takes a break from the studio to tell Kmag how he’s managed to make music his meal ticket for over 20 years.

We touch down with a living legend to wax lyrical about downloads, AWOL, Urbanism and a shed-load more – step forward Mickey Finn.

Nookie’s forthcoming fifth album, ‘Beyond Blue’, is every bit as good as its predecessors and then some. Kmag talks to one of the true gentlemen of D&B to find out more.

Brasilian producer DJ Bungle tells us about his trip to Mars, assuring us that despite the imminent release of his debut album on CIA he still has his feet firmly planted on the ground.

One’s a pro-snowboarder and breaks DJ; the other is one of the biggest DJs in D&B and one third of Ram Trilogy. Their debut breaks collaboration ‘I Like You’ is due for release on Fingerlickin’s forthcoming ‘Fresh Traxx 2’ compilation. Sounds like Scott Nixon & Shimon have found a winning combination.

In DigitalNation we peer into the mind and the studio of D&B’s man-of-the-moment Heist. Find out why he’s Goldie’s main man…

We also check out Taxmon & Jayden, Topcat & Tenor Fly, Scratch Perverts, Eddie Temple Morris and Kentaro plus a host of others plus give you all the DIY help you’ll need to get cracking on some dope stencils. If that isn’t enough then we also have all the latest games, books, websites, news, fashion, cool shit, DJ equipment, clubs, plus all we review the movies and DVD's to keep your probing minds at bay for another month.

1. Audio- Delusional- Freak
2. Raiden- I hate you motherfuckers- Freak
3. Resound- Ghetto Funk- Obscene Recordings
4. Vicious Circle- Shredder- Freak
5. Current Value- What's In It- Obscene
6. Technical Itch- Life Of Sin (Lime wax VIP mix)- not to be released
7. Dylan + Bkey - The Whorror- Freak
8. Audio- Destroyed- Freak
9. Pendulum - Toxic Shock- Freak
10. Limewax- 1/2 lb- Avalanche
11. Dylan + Raiden- preacherman- Freak
12. Technical Itch- The Faithless- Penetration
13. SPL- Global Chaos- Freak
14. Robyn Chaos + Bkey- The suffering- Tech freak
15. Dylan + Skitty - Disguised as an angel- Bastard Child
16. Limewax- Face It alone- Tech Freak
17.Dylan- Metaphor (Krytic minds remx) – Freak Recordings
18. Nocturnal – Cross The Line- Freak
19.Limewax- Invasion- Obscene Recordings
20. Current Value- The Invisible Force- Obscene Recordings
21. Technical Itch- Hellness VIP- Penetration
22. Limewax- God- Freak
23 Gein feat arsenic- Bitch- Freak

Monday, February 19, 2007

Death Proof

For Austin's hottest DJ, Jungle Julia (Sydney Tamia Pottier), dusk offers an oppurtunity to unwind with two of her closest friends, Shanna and Arlene (Jordan Ladd and Vanessa Ferlito).
This three fox posse sets out into the night turning Guero's to the Texas Chili Parlor.
Not all of the attention is innocent: covertly tracking their moves is Stuntman Mike (Kurt Russell), a scarred, weathered rebel who leers from behind the wheel of his muscle car,
As the girls settle into their beers, Mike's weapon, a white-out juggernaut, revs just feet away...

Planet Terror

Robert Rodriguez, co-director of Sin City, brings you Planet Terror, a retro-futuristic vision of horror that's ben weathered, stripped, and aged to perfection.
In Plant Terror, married doctors William and Dakota Block (Josh Brolin and Marey Shelton) find their graveyard shift inundated by townspeople ravaged by gangrenous sores and a suspicious vacant look in their eyes.
Among the wounded is Cherry (Rose McGowan), a go-go dancer whose leg was ripped from her body during a roadside attack.
Wray (Freddy Rodriguez), her significant other, is at her side and watching her back.
Cherry may be dowb, but she hasnt danced her last number.
As the invalids quicky become enraged aggressors, Cherry amd Wray lead a team of accidental warriors into the night, hurtling towards a destiny that will leave millions infected, countless dead, and a lucky few struggling to find the last safe corner of planet terror.

Planet Terror also stars Michael Biehn, Jeff Fahey, Naveen Andrews, Stacy Ferguson and Michael Parks.
Planet Terror will be shown on a grindhouse double bill with Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof.

Grindhouse - April 6, 2007

Quentin Taratino & Robert Rodriguez take us back to the era of the "grindhouse".

A grindhouse is an American term for a theater that mainly showed exploitation films, or is an often misused term to describe the genre of films that played in such theatres (which are actually "exploitation films"). Grind-houses were known for non-stop, triple-bill programs of B movies, usually consisting of a double feature where two films were shown back to back. Many of these inner-city theatres formerly featured burlesque shows which featured "bump and grind" dancing, leading to the term "grind-house." Beginning in the late 1960s and especially during the 1970s, the subject matter of exploitation films shown in these theaters often included explicit sex, violence, bizarre or perverse plot points, and other taboo content. Many grind-houses were exclusively pornographic.

By the 1980s, home video threatened to render the grind-house obsolete. By the end of the decade, these theaters had vanished from Los Angeles's Broadway and Hollywood Boulevard, New York City's Times Square and San Francisco's Market Street. By the mid-1990s, these particular theaters had completely disappeared from the United States.

I never got the chance to experience this first hand but from what I've researched it seems like this movie is gonna be a wild ride.

I found a DVD on called 42nd Street Forever Vol 1 that has 40+ of these old grindhouse trailers that should be fun to watch and help me understand where Rodriguez & Taratino are getting their inspiration for this amazing movie.

Check out the website at

I'll post more about the two films (Taratino's Death Proof & Rodriguez's Planet Terror) later

Friday, January 26, 2007

Nash Makes Bid to be NHL All Star Game MVP; West Wins 12-9

2-2-4 by the Columbus Blue Jackets forward was one of the top performances on the night

Columbus Blue Jackets left wing Rick Nash said he was surprised to be an All-Star and that he was going to go to the game, to represent the team and "have fun with it."

Nash did more than have fun with it, he nearly took home the MVP Award, which went to Buffalo's Daniel Briere.

"It was more fun this time, going back, knowing some of the guys and knowing what the game was all about," Nash said. "It's not serious at all, it's for the guys to have fun and for the fans to be entertained."

On a night where the focus was on the fire power of the Eastern Conference team, Sidney Crosby's first All-Star game and Joe Sakic, Nash went out and scored two goals, two assists, a game-high six shots on goal en route to a big-time performance.

In the first period, Nash was orignially credited with a goal on a deflection in front of Buffalo goalie Ryan Miller. At the beginning of the second period the goal was changed and given to Los Angeles defenseman Lubomir Visnovsky. Nash was credited with an assist on the play, and that was the only thing which would not go Nash's way Wednesday night.

In the second period, in a stretch of 54 seconds, the line of Colorado's Joe Sakic, Chicago's Martin Havlat and Nash tallied twice. The first goal was No. 61's first National League Hockey All-Star goal. He used his speed, power and strength to fend of Buffalo defenseman Brian Campbell, drove to net and sliding it around the outstretched right pad of New Jersey goalie Martin Brodeur.

"It was fun getting to play with Sakic and Havlat," Nash said. "I'm pretty spoiled here, getting to play with David Vyborny and Sergei Fedorov, but getting another chance to say I played with Joe Sakic was pretty cool."

Not much later, Nash assisted on a Havlat goal, the third score of the night for possibly the most dangerous line of the entire night. They weren't done yet.

In the third period, Nash took a pass from Sakic and burried a shot past Montreal goaltender Cristobal Huet at the 7:12 mark. His work wasn't done yet, as he, Western Conference teammate Minnesota's Brian Roloston and Boston's Zdeno Chara were all going for hat tricks in the final nine minutes of the game.

"The first goal, I just got a pass from Sakic, took it in and scored," Nash said. "The second one was another great pass by Sakic and I just put it upstairs."

On Nash, who was +3 for the night, was voted the No. 2 star, with Briere voted the No. 1 star and Roloston the No. 3 star. Anyway you look at it, Rick Nash had a great night, represented the Blue Jackets, and maybe gave a little preview of what's to come in the second half of the season.

So, what did head coach Ken Hitchcock think of Nashes performance ?

"Most importantly, did he have a good time?" Hitchcock said. "He said he really enjoyed it and that's what you want players to leave with - a positive experience with each other."

For the game, the Western Conference won 12-9, with Nash getting credit for the game-winning goal. The game was 3-3 after one period with starters Miller and Vancouver's Roberto Luongo giving up three goals each.

The second period was highlighted by six Western Confernce goals, to take a 9-6 lead into the final period. The Eastern Confernce scored three times, but could not slow down the Western Confernce, who added an empty net goal by Calgary defenseman Dion Phaneuf.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Knowledge 87

Here’s the lowdown on the latest issue of Knowledge (K87), now available to buy online at or in all good newsagents and record shops…

Marcus Intalex, ST Files & Calibre have been at the forefront of the liquid rollers this year. Knowledge caught up with them to chat about the new album and all things MIST:I:CAL

Coming with a second album can be a tough process, not for the original Blu Mar Ten members Chris Marigold, Leo Wyndham who along with some help from newcomer Michael Tognarelli have come with the goods once again. Knowledge dropped into their Camden Studio to catch up.

All Crews has gone from strength to strength since it got published in 2004. We catch up with author Brian Belle- Fortune to see what he thinks about the current state of the drum and bass scene and to discuss where its going.

We talk to recent newcomer Benny Page about his rapid rise as a dancefloor smashing producer, being the protégé of Shy FX and all things Digital Soundboy, plus take a look into what his plans for the future are.

One of the original founding members of Brockie’s Undiluted Records and as KoolFM’s longest serving DJ, Kane should be up there with the best of them. We chat to him about why things have been so quiet as of late, and how he’s planning his comeback.

Residing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin are Gein, three boys that have been pushing the harder sound of drum and bass stateside. Knowledge dropped in to have a chat about their inspiration and to find out how their new EP is going.

Knowledge checks in with Kenny Ken and Mace to find out about their new projects; Mace’s Digital Funk label is a response to the changing face of the music scene and is a strictly digital affair where Mace hopes to be able to cover different genres and Mix & Blen’ sees Kenny Ken wanting to keep things rolling with the classic jump-up label.

In Digital Nation, Don John ‘The Bastard’ gives us a lowdown on the best of this year’s music production releases so you can spend all of your Xmas cash wisely. Touching on the best piece of hardware and the best plug-in Don John will guide you into next year with the tastiest bits of kit for your studio.

We also check out BBK’ new signings Brookes Brothers, take a look into the worlds of Utah Jazz and Eastern European producer Sunchase, take a trip into the artwork of talented designer Richt and touch down with MC JokerD And, If that isn’t enough then we also have all the latest games, books, websites, news, fashion, cool shit, DJ equipment, clubs, plus all we review the movies and DVD's to keep your probing minds at bay for another month.


1. Locuss – Days Of Fury (Planet Funk Dubplate)
2. Dj SS – MA2 (Kenny Ken & Mace Remix) (Formation)
3. Mace – The Rattler (Mix & Blen’ Dubplate)
4. Kenny Ken – Murda You (Benny Page Remix) (Mix & Blen’ Dubplate)
5. Mace – Forever Soul (Planet Funk – Pfunk007)
6. Blue Sonix – Luv Me (Logistics Remix) (Spearhead Dub)
7. Contour – Medieval Love (Planet Funk – Pfunk009)
8. Silva D – Love & Hate (B Cee & Lomax Remix) (Ease Up Dubplate)
9. Contour – Colour of Science (Planet Funk – Pfunk 009)
10. Mace – Holding On (Digital Funk – Dfunk001)
11. Kenny Ken & Mace feat. Demolition Man & MC Fats – Fire 2006
(Knowledge & Wisdom)
12. Samurai feat. Charlotte – I Wanna Tell You (Mace Remix) (Restless Natives)
13. The Outfit – Wantin’ You (Planet Funk) (Rockstar EP – Pfunk006)
14. Ed Funk – Lazy Afternoon (Peshay Remix) (Planet Funk – Pfunk007)
15. Kenny Ken – Everyman (Benny Page Remix) (Mix & Blen’ Dubplate)
16. The Outfit – Topless (Planet Funk) (Rockstar EP – Pfunk 006)